New technology reveals the role of giant larvaceans in oceanic carbon cycling

Nice new paper showing how in situ cameras can be used to measure feeding rates!
New technology reveals the role of giant larvaceans in oceanic carbon cycling
(by Katija, Sherlock, Sherman & Robison)


Our meeting report

Our meeting report is now online. Many thanks to Klas for the fantastic photos!

PostDoc opportunity at NOCS

There is an exciting job offer for a 4-year postdoc position at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, looking at converting glider data into fluxes. Closing date: 4 May 2017.

Post Doctorate in Ocean Biogeochemistry and Autonomous Vehicles (Fixed Term, Full Time)

TOMCAT on the NOC news

We feature on the NOC website and Twitter.


Data processing

I was on a course about metabolomics this week and they had a very interesting session on data processing. We were discussing how data processing can alter the interpretation, and that often people do not fully report how they have handled the data (quality control, baseline shift correction, outlier treatment, etc.) The metabolomics group at Birmingham are now trying to get everyone to record their workflow in detail and attach it as supplementary material to their work, so that anyone can easily reproduce their results.

Proposal background

Maybe we should aim to encourage people to do a similar thing for optical data. (Obviously building a tool like Birmingham did is completely out of the scope of this group!).
Any thoughts?

#dataprocessing #data #workflow

New paper

There is new article on backscatter:
Optical classification and characterization of marine particle assemblages within the western Arctic Ocean
(by Neukermans, Reynolds & Stramski)


September is coming

I am so excited about our first meeting in September! We have a great programme and exciting discussions ahead of us. Also, I received great interested from several scientists around the world. Please let me know if there is anyone else who is interested in our work and I will add them to the email list!