Why Does Couch Cushions Wherever You Sit Throughout Time Develop a Dent?

  • Always keep checking the foam inside the cushion as with time, foam gets compressed, loses its volume and becomes uncomfortable. So to increase the life of your custom cushion, make sure you keep checking the foam.
  • Additional support helps in keeping the shape of the couch cushion and helps in preventing sagging or sinking. Depending on the time period/age of your couch and the warranty period, you can avail help from the store from where you have purchased the product.
  • There might be cases where jute web will be running under cushions, then you need to determine is there any need of repairing? For keeping up with the firmness, jute webbing requires time to time repairs. If it starts losing then there is a high chance that couch cushions will start sinking.

How To Make Couch Cushions Firmer?

  1. Correct the filling
  2. Adjust the sofa frame

What Kind Of Foam Is Better For Couch Cushions

Tips for Refurbishing Couch Cushions

  • Top-notch Foam
    Replace your old couch cushion’s filling with new foam. When choosing a foam, you should be looking at the softness of it so that you don’t compromise with the comfort
  • Clearly Soft
    For filling super soft couch cushions, the natural feathers could be considered as the best option for a soft comfort
  • Flip and Zip It
    Zipper cushions make it very comfortable for a person to change the old foam filling with the new one. If you have a cushion with no zip, then untie the stitches and replace it with an upholstery zipper, that could help you to stuff the material inside without any hassles. If needed, flip the cushions back to give it more wear and tear on the upholstered casings plus cushion filling

Summing Up